We serve anyone needing furniture on a temporary basis, whether you need it for months, or years.


We are proudly serving: 

- Direct user / tenants
We work with individuals, especially expatriates to help them furnish their space according to their tastes - quickly & cost effectively. If you’ve just rented an unfurnished/ partially furnished space, contact us for a quick quote.

-  Landlords/Apartment Complexes
We help landlord and/or apartment complexes outsource their furnishing needs. We furnish their units ready for tenancy – increasing value & service for their tenants. If you are a landlord/property owner who wants to do the same for your tenants, we are ready for you.

- Multinational Corporations & Foreign Embassies
We help multinational companies and Foreign Embassies in the settling-in process for their employees – ensuring a smooth flow from moving-in to moving-out. They don’t have to worry about shipping employee’s furniture back & forth again. If you are ready to outsource your employee’s furniture needs, we are ready to help.

- Partner Agents
We help our partner agents offer better service to their clients, by providing tailored rental solutions for their potential tenants. If you are an agent needing our service for your clients, we are ready to help you.


Below are just some of our valued clients:

  • Abbott
  • Amerada Hess
  • Anadarko
  • Australian Embassy Jakarta
  • Billiton
  • Colliers International
  • Great Giant Pineapple
  • BP Indonesia
  • British Embassy
  • ConocoPhillips Indonesia
  • Exxonmobil Indonesia
  • Husky Oil
  • INCO
  • Lundin
  • Marathon Oil
  • Premier Oil
  • Santa Fe
  • Total Oil
  • Volvo Indonesia
  • US Embassy Jakarta
  • .... and more.

How to Rent :