• The Stockholm is a Scandinavian-inspired design offering a more natural, no-fuss feel to your space, usually done in lighter wood stain. <br>

<br>Dining Table for 6 - Size: 180x105x75H cm.
<br>Dining Chairs - Size: 50x54x87H cm.
<br>Sideboard - Size: 150x50x90H cm


  • The Carlton provides the best blend of form & comfort. The upholstered paddings provides comfort, whilst softening the strong wooden frame.  Best done in darker wood tones. <br>

<br>Dining Table for 6. Size: 180x105x76H cm.
<br>Dining Chairs. Size: 47x55x100H cm
<br>Sideboard (160x50x90H cm)


  • The Knox Collection offers sleek, strong, straight line design which create a modern ambiance in your room. The minimal use of hardware also signifies the beauty of wood and introduces less clutter.
<br>Dining Table available in a 6-seater (160 x 110 x 76 cm) and 8-seater (230 x 120 x 76 cm)
<br>Fully Upholstered Chairs
<br>Sideboard/Crockery Cabinet (165 x 50 x 90 cm)


  • The Urban Collection fuses urban contemporary design with a bit of an Asian flare. Clean lines meet simple angular ones to create a modern yet tasteful ambiance. 
<br>  Dining Table available in a 6 seater (180Wx110Dx76H cm) and 8 seater (210Wx120Dx76H cm)
<br>  Fully Upholstered Chairs & Armchairs
<br>  Sideboard/Crockery Cabinet (160Wx53Dx90H cm)


  • The Windsor Collection is suitable for those seeking an airy, light ambiance in their interior. The combination of slatted & square patterns in the furniture work together in unison to create a smart looking interior.
<br> 8-seater Dining Table (210W x 120D x 77H cm)
<br> Chairs & Armchairs
<br> Sideboard/Crockery Cabinet (165W x 50D x 85H cm)


  • The Richmond Collection is suitable for those who prefers a bit of curve in their design. This collection can break off the bulk of the other designs paired to it thanks to its curves.
<br> Items:
<br> 6-seater Dining Table (180W x 100D x 76H cm)
<br> Chairs
<br> Sideboard/Crockery Cabinet (150W x 45D x 90H cm)


  • The Elwood Collection is inspired by country-style furniture. The strong lines of the panelling & subtle mouldings exudes warmth & casual elegance to your interior setting.
<br> Items:
<br> Extendable Dining Table: 6 to 8 seater (190-240Wx120Dx76H) & 8-10 seater (240-290Wx120Dx76H cm)
<br> Chairs & Armchairs
<br> Sideboard/Crockery Cabinet: 3-door (160W x 40D x 90H) & 4-door (200W x 40D x 90H cm)
<br> 3-door China Cabinet (160W x 53D x 200H cm)


  • The Seville collection is the perfect balance between modern & traditional styles. The lines & mouldings on this furniture collection are strong & accentuated, without being busy & cluttered.
<br> Items:

<br> Extendable Dining Table: Extendable Dining Table: 6 to 8 seater (190-240Wx120Dx76H) & 8-10 seater (240-290Wx120Dx76H cm) 
<br>Chairs & Armchairs 
<br>Sideboard/Crockery Cabinet: 3-door (160W x 50D x 90H cm) 
<br> China Cabinet (152W x 53D x 200H cm)